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Congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a Communication Guru!

It’s not technical skills that are holding you back. The biggest challenges in business are people problems. The superstars that get all the opportunities, massive bonuses and big yearly promotions are usually those that know how to handle their customers, colleagues and bosses better than everyone else.

Congratulations. You’re taking action to get the skills you need to succeed. Here is where you can reinforce your ability to present, influence and lead. The skills of a high performer, a trusted adviser, a trailblazer – in other words, a leader that others admire.

Communication Guru has your back. It condenses decades of executive training into bite-sized videos, templates and other tools that you can implement immediately to get results fast. Select a module and progress at your own pace. We have designed the content to fit within the schedules of time-poor executives.


Communication Guru is a premium resource for managers that want to command teams more effectively, to deal confidently with high-pressure scenarios, and to attain that executive presence displayed by C suite players.

Communication Guru you will receive:

12 months’ access to the Communication Guru educational platform

Masterclasses designed for specific skills in presenting, influence and leadership

A la carte modules with short-format videos for rapid skill acquisition and retention

Learning aides such as templates and infographics to easily review key concepts

Multiple learning styles by video, text and audio



Giving and
Receiving Feedback

The more you can get your team talking to each other, the more you’ll be able to be flexible and collaborate to get the best results. Feedback should be a daily practise. Then it becomes a habit and the culture transforms to open, innovative and energised.

It’s not OK when great ideas get ignored due to poor presentations. Make sure your whole team knows how to make audience-specific presentations that engage, convert and compel them to act. The secret lies in the preparation, structure and techniques.

Storytelling and
Case Studies

Storytelling is one of the most influential techniques you can use. A well-timed story can reassure the client, shift their perspective and influence their decision. Apply these skills to case studies and data stories and your audience will understand exactly what it is they need to do and why.

Concise Communication
and Q&A

We are so distracted, impatient and overwhelmed, we want people to just get to the point. The reason they can’t is that they don’t know how to structure their information into short, problem-solving strategies. With these techniques, you will be able to talk about any topic and answer any question in a professional, persuasive way.


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Hybrid Teams

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Hybrid Team Communication
& Collaboration

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Your Team

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Overcoming Objections
with Ease

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Influential Conversations
and Meetings

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Executive Presence

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Deliver Bad News Well

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