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The soft skills training platform for managers.

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Why Hybrid Training?

Today’s managers are judged on how well they keep
hybrid teams engaged. They also need to project self-assurance, confidence and executive presence with their superiors. Otherwise, they lose buy-in for their projects, miss out on promotions and end up with smaller bonuses. Expert communication skills are critical in business and essential for senior management. When managers acquire these skills, the whole organisation benefits. 

Communication Guru is a multi-modal training program designed to level up managers with essential communications skills. It condenses decades of executive training, the latest communications theory and powerful change management techniques into a series of modules based on solving common challenges in management.

Communication Guru combines live, peer-based training sessions with a learning hub of short-format videos, infographics, audio snippets and other learning aids, delivered by smartphone. Communication Guru uses this hybrid approach to achieve sustainable behavioural change that helps turn managers into leaders.

The Essential Skillsets



Intuitive Leadership



Present with Presence



Influential Conversations

Your Managers, are they…
New and need training?
Established but need executive presence?
Struggling to manage difficult clients?

Tell us your specific challenges and we will customise a program that will generate behavioural change in your management team.



Focused education designed for busy managers in an accessible bite-sized format


Creates behavioral change through case study application and multiple touch points


Establish a common language which creates a more inclusive, supportive and dynamic workplace


Step-by-step training to simplify skill acquisition
Peer-based practice and learning
Learn via the mobile app on your commute or at lunchtime
Embraces flexible learning styles – video, audio, text
Infographic templates to quickly review and embed skills
In-house training with regular live sessions and Q&A
Train your trainers to support your managers
Apply skills to specific business scenarios
Support employees in their journey to becoming managers
Reinforce culture with a common language and communication style
Build confidence among managers with different stakeholders
Create a consistent experience for clients interacting with your teams


Getting started with Communication Guru is easy…


Select managers and
identify skill gaps


Prioritise skills and
set training schedule


Induct managers into the program

About Me

Hi, my name is Arabella Macpherson and I have been coaching CEOs, executives and senior leadership teams for over 15 years. My work across industries means that I get insight into the most relevant trends and techniques to train employees. My goal is to quickly identify the challenges, skills required to address them and training to embed those skills effectively.

In 2019, I co-wrote the communication section of Macquarie Uni’s Global Online MBA with over 66,000 participants and an average rating of 4.8/5. Creating training programs that are engaging and get real behavioural change are my thing. I also love walking my dog and quick beach dips in the middle of a video-meeting packed day!

Ready to upgrade your managers into Communication Gurus?

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All managers including employees on track for managerial positions, current managers, and managers preparing to enter executive management.

Communication Guru teaches one skill in depth per quarter to embed core principles and achieve behavioural change. The amount of time required is 45 minutes every week to fit within tight schedules while ensuring progress.

Communication Guru has been designed in conjunction with enterprises in telecommunications, finance and banking, FMCG, medical and media. However, communication skills are required in any industry.

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